Memo No.1708_18

Concerning our ongoing conversation about the rapid ecosystem deterioration towards the unsustainable conditions for the human-nonhuman cohabitation: after conducting thorough research, the comity confirmed our previous assumption, that language, as technology, has substantial, and frequently toxic thermal issues. We have found that certain phrases and expressions raise the environmental temperature and generate pathological conditions for the conceptual viruses to be spread unchecked.

To address this problem of “heated language,” we have built the “Heat Sink.” This device transfers the surplus heat from the mainstream discourse and dissipates it in the ether of abstraction. From oikos to xeno, so to speak.

The device in question, as of now, is being tested, and we already have some tangible results to share. Please, let us know when we can present our findings and discuss further actions.


— Single channel video, audio transducers, steel2018










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