“We live in the era of frenetic global networking, in a culture drifting sideways in to the cultural and political twilight. Contemporary social media uses you like a livestock. They know a whole lot about you, they are monetising you, you are their product. They have tools for productivity that make you more depended on them for earning a living. They tempt getting ways for you to click for free, to tempt you in to interaction and they profit from that in various ingenious ways, but they do not tell you about. They do not give you anything, they do not pay you, you are not their employe. There is no promise for anything, its just a clickwrap. Legally, economically and politically. Its existent reality and we all know about that.”


DARK POOL is an intervention in a form of radio frequency induced shock to your smart–phone and more. Dark Pool is presented in a form of a private company which provides you with tools and knowledge to do it your self. (The company is advertising itself through attack ads and infomercials). Dark pool is the new state of mind. 




      1. "In finance, dark pools of liquidity also referred to as dark liquidity or simply dark pools is trading volume or liquidity that is not openly available to the public. The bulk of these represent large trades by financial institutions that are offered away from public exchanges so that trades are anonymous. The fragmentation of financial trading venues and electronic trading has allowed dark pools to be created, and they are normally accessed through crossing networks or directly between market participants."
      2. "J-240A-Pro (Worldwide Full Band 3G/GSM/WiFi Jammer) is a high-powered mobile signal blocker. When you have such device in your hands, there is almost nothing that can hurt your privacy or break the secrecy of your location within 10 meters radius around you. Disabled frequencies contain GSM, 3G access and WiFi." 



— Frequency jammer. Video. Performance. 2014 – ongoing.