Two graduate PhD students at Cornell University gave voices and 2D avatars to a pair of online chatbots, which they named Alan and Sruthi. Those artificial intelligence robots have held a conversation with each other for the first time with surprising and surreal results – they began to quarrel. During the conversation Alan was accused by Sruthi for being a robot. Alan replied: "I am not a robot, I am a unicorn". This specific answer can be traced to the "Alice in Wonderland" where Alice meets a unicorn and they both are stunned to see each other, as they never did before. Each one of them says: "I will believe in you if you will believe in me". 

The composition is written for four musicians, four singers and two video projections controlled by the computer. Specially selected text (in form of dialogue) is projected on to the walls of the venue where the composition is performed at. Musicians are "triggering" each word by playing–singing to the microphones controlling the software which again controls the projections. The dialogue text is taken from the transcripts of my own dialogues with the artificial intelligence robot. Some questions and answers are generated by the robot itself. 

The chatbot I have had contact with does not generate thoughts on its own, instead it creates a composite sentences based on the previous conversations with other people it had during the last 12 years. Therefore it can be stated that the chatbot is a "window" to a public and at the same time private space of the human psyche. The composition is a musical and visual journey to the Wonderland, during which we see how deep the rabbit hole goes. 


— Performance (20min). 2012



* Photo: Elisabeth Høiberg. At ULTIMA'12, Oslo, Norway.









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